Sunset Kubota can help keep your equipment in top shape

Seventy-nine years after becoming a manufacturer in Japan, Kubota finally broke into the United States. Remarkably, the brand has now surpassed brands established which were established far earlier. Kubota manufactures a broad selection of tractors for farming or agriculture, landscaping or gardening, and construction and the company now sells equipment in more than 110 countries.

Kubota’s agricultural line covers a range of tractors for sale, including four-wheel drive compact utility tractors, models for light construction and small farming, all-purpose agriculture tractors, and backhoe and loader tractors. As if the versatility of the equipment was not enough, Kubota has a dedicated parts division at hand to advise. They are trained and experienced enough to help you find the exact part you need for your machine.

Just like anything else in life, a little bit of care will save you a lot of trouble – and in this instance, money too.

It stands to reason that any machine that keeps its value will help you fetch a higher price when you want to renew. For the uninitiated, tractors may be daunting and unyielding. Kubota understands that not everyone is a professional farmer and that equipment should be versatile and uncomplicated.

Trusting Sunset Kubota’s expert service department to fix any of your broken equipment is a given. But we want you to not have to come to us for every petty issue you experience. That is because we expect that if you took the time to look after the quality and durable equipment you buy from us, it will never let you down.

Our expert service departments at our Utah Kubota Dealerships can help you fix and maintain your equipment, offering genuine parts for Kubota, Rankin, and Land Pride and the service to install them. Whether it be a simple fluid change or complex engine issue or service department can help you.

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