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A Stitch in Time Saves Nine

Sunset Kubota can help keep your equipment in top shape

You’ve heard the old adage, “A stitch in time saves nine”. True words and never more applicable to taking care of your equipment.

Kubota certified dealers have helped ensure that Kubota as a brand and franchise continues to succeed. Seventy-nine years after becoming a manufacturer in Japan, Kubota finally broke into the United States market. Remarkably, the brand has now surpassed brands which were established far earlier.

Sunset Kubota has been ranked in top 25% highest performing KTC dealers in the nation by Kubota Tractor Corporation.

Kubota’s Premier and Elite Dealer Certification Program is focused on building and managing best-in-class dealerships. The program establishes metrics that define standards on quality customer service and the best Kubota brand representation. Kubota Premier Dealers have met all requirements and fulfilled a majority of sales offerings, while Kubota Elite Dealers have achieved the highest level of Kubota recognition.

We provide genuine Kubota parts and service all Kubota’s equipment including four-wheel drive compact utility tractors, models for light construction and small farming, all-purpose agriculture tractors, and backhoe and loader tractors.

Just like anything else in life, a little bit of care will save you a lot of trouble – and in this instance, money too.

Financially it makes sense to keep your equipment up to date on its recommended services. It has been proven that owners not only save money over the life of the vehicle, but well maintained vehicles have higher resale values too.

Trusting Sunset Kubota’s expert service department to keep your equipment in good repair, or fix any of your broken equipment makes sense. Your equipment will be more reliable over time. Will last longer, and provide higher resale value when you want to sell or trade in on a new Kubota.

In addition to being experts in Kubota parts and service, we also are certified, trained and qualified to take care of your parts and service needs for  Rankin, and Land Pride equipment too. Contact us should you have questions about this.

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